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High Voltage Mobile Testing Unit is the German technology for AC high voltage testing regarding IEC standard. Phelps Dodge is the only service provider in Thailand.

2 The only manufacturer to produce 245 kV cable with the high voltage testing room at 400 kV.

Ensure the highest quality with the premium A+ grade copper raw materials.


Ensure the quality and safety with the Vertical Continuous Vulcanization technology which controls the evenness of insulation around the conductor to let the electricity transfer efficiently

VCV (Vertical Continuous Vulcanization)

Copper is melting in the Oxygen Free Closed System to keep its toughness for rolling process as to keep its efficiency in electricity conducting

Milliken conductor, the conductor that can conduct higher electricity current more than others with more flexibility to ease installation

Special grade insulation to bear higher temperature over 70 Celsius

Skin Insulation is the double insulation for low voltage wire which enhances electrical resistance. Phelps Dodge is the first producer to deploy the technology to low voltage wire.

Phelps Dodge is the only producer in Thailand to provide High Voltage cable for underground and overhead installation to EGAT, PEA, and MEA

10 Phelps Dodge wire and cable is broadly accepted for premium real estates, commercial buildings, department stores, and also factories

11 Phelps Dodge cable is well known and largely used in Oil and Gas industry

12 The best station wire in both high quality and reputation perspective

13 More than 20 years’ trustable experiences for exporting to more than 30 countries worldwide